Why you should rent a villa on the Caribbean island of Nevis

Villas are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to staying in hotels on vacations.  In case you are planning a trip to Nevis, renting a villa will be your best choice.  Unlike hotels, the villas will give you room to spread out as well as the freedom to do your own things. The overall cost of staying in a luxury villa will actually be less compared to what you will spend on a luxury hotel. On top of that, there are certain advantages that you will have while staying in the rental villa that even luxury hotels do not provide.

One of the things you will like about staying in Nevis villa rentals is the privacy they will offer you. Typically, the villas are built like private homes whereby neighbors are not close to you like it is in the case of a hotel room. Your beachfront, pool, dock and other amenities are not shared. If you have a car, your parking spot will be right there. You will also like the quietness of the villas because they are usually situated in calm parts of town away from the main streets that do not have street noise or hotels.

Nevis Villa RentalsYou will just fall in love with the design of the Nevis villa rentals. They are usually impressive properties such as as châteaux, castles, penthouses, modern beach houses and ski chalets. They are comfortable homes that have been equipped with a hot tub, kitchen, pool, deck, laundry room among other amenities. They are also spacious. In fact, they are generally bigger compared to the big hotel suites you have ever come across.

Renting a villa in Nevis will also be a perfect idea if you are on vacation as a family. Since the villas have been equipped with multiple rooms as well as bathrooms, they will provide a better family experience compared to hotel rooms. If you are going to stay for a week or several weeks, luxury villa rates are going to be fare compared to staying in a hotel. And since they are equipped with a kitchen, and there are times when you may have a chef serving you, the restaurant expenses will be highly moderated. If you like carrying pets on your trips, you will find the villas to be quite pet-friendly just as it is in private homes.

Even though the villas do not come with continental breakfasts, concierges and daily maid service, most of them usually have contact information as well as local resources just in case any issue arises when you are staying there. To be able to choose the best Nevis villa rentals, the first thing you will need to do is to identify the kind of renter you are. You can either choose to work with an agent or deal directly with the owner. Dealing with an agent can cost you more compared to dealing directly with an owner.

Location is key when choosing a perfect villa to stay in. You will need to find out if the villa is close to the road. That way, you can easily have relaxed day trips around Nevis since it will be easy to access thoroughfares that serve a greater part of this region. Also find out if there is a food market, a coffee bar, a pharmacy or a gas station nearby. Even though being secluded from such places may be great when it comes to privacy, too much seclusion may be quite a hassle.

But you also need to enjoy the flexibility of choosing the location you want to stay depending on your preference. While some people may like to stay closer to happening areas or tourist attractions, there are others who will enjoy themselves more when they are far away from the hustle and bustle of such places. When you do your homework right, you will definitely enjoy staying in the lovely luxury villas that Nevis offers. You can check out guest reviews for the villas that you would would prefer staying in. You can also ask for references from the agent you are working with and follow up with the people who have stayed there to address any red flags, just in case they are there.

On  my last visit to the island I got a chance to tour some of these lovely luxury villas.  I happened to meet someone who was the owner of a real estate company in Nevis.  After a lengthy conversation he offered to show me around some villas that he currently had available for rental.  I was told that luxury villas made up much of the Nevis real estate market so it wasn’t a surprise to find such a large variety of properties to choose from. After touring these villas I was totally convinced that renting one of these properties for my next visit was the way to go!  That decision was reinforced when I was also told that daily maid service was including with some properties.  What more can you ask for?

Visiting the Island of Nevis

nevis-pic-4One of the attractive islands in the West Indies that appeal to visitors is the island of Nevis. Nevis may be one of the lesser known of the Caribbean islands but it has a great deal going for it and is the island that people should put on their list when they have time to visit.

One of the great things about Nevis is that it makes a perfect winter escape for those those who are looking to get out of the wind and the cold. Some of the notable attributes of Nevis are that it is an island that is off the beaten path. It features beautiful scenery and is a small and quaint place in which to visit. Nevis is easily accessible from airports in the United States. It features the tranquility of a Caribbean island and is the epitome of a tranquil setting.

Nevis is 36 square miles and is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Individuals can become involved in windsurfing, diving,snorkeling and exotic adventures that only a secluded Caribbean island can provide. Peace and solitude are yours on Nevis as it is far away from the hustle and bustle of other Caribbean islands. Beaches abound on the lovely Caribbean island and visitors are also treated to Botanical Gardens and the Eden Brown Estate as well as other historical venues.  Visitors to the island can also view the long dormant volcano and can participate in dives to view native corals and brightly hued fish.

US citizens must have a valid passport to visit the island but US bills are accepted by most establishments on the island, and English is the native language.

View the beautiful mountain terrain from the island or go on hikes and tour amongst the native species. All can be yours when you choose to tour Nevis. Nevis is also an easy island to walk around and visitors can go to the Caribbean markets on the island sample island cuisine and can walk to some of the gorgeous beaches.

Nevis is also home to history as there are some 5 historical plantations that visitors can see when touring the island. They can opt to see the history of the sugar cane trade in all of its grandeur. The majesty of yesteryear is on display when you opt to view history nestled into the hillsides.

nevis-photo-2Naturally being a Caribbean island the weather is warm with an average yearly temperature of around 80 degrees. To say that Nevis is a magical adventure would not be overstating the case. Make sure to take advantage of all this beautiful island paradise has to offer you. Be sure to book a nevis car rental, which is needed if you would be exploring the island.

You can find any accommodations you like in Nevis whether 5 star accommodations, villas or simple guest houses. Find gorgeous accommodations when you choose to visit Nevis. Nevis has everything for the visitor from those who have sophisticated palates offered in 5 star restaurants, to those who wish to taste and partake of native cuisine. Get an easy flight to Nevis and enjoy a Caribbean paradise the Nevis way.

Enjoy art galleries, get married, explore the island by excellent taxi service or on foot. Nevis is one tropical paradise to visit. Visit www.explorenevis.com for more information.

Exploring Nevis, a bliss to the visitors


Before we start exploring Nevis, let us understand where it is situated. St. Kitts and Nevis are two islands which belong to the leeward islands of West Indies. Nevis has a population of about 10000 civilians, but people other counties migrate here to work in the agriculture fields or be a part of the tourism industry. Nevis is only around 36 sq miles but it will take you more than a day to travel and see the structures and places around.

Charlestown, the capital of Nevis is famous in particular for its tourist visit. It is the most charming city amongst all cities belonging to the Caribbean islands. Charlestown is a city where one can feel the calm air and feel the traditional life of the Caribbean’s.

This island has a lot of greenery which mainly attracts hikers and a wide spanning beach which brings swimmers from all over the world to experience the Caribbean waters. There are few places for accommodation. Each of the hotels there provides an authentic Caribbean feel. They have elegantly decorated cottages which offer the visitor the comfort and privacy. Few places provide outdoor terrace where one can stand and enjoy the view of the beach, eat their food or just have a pleasant drink.

There are about 5 parishes on the island of Nevis, but they are so close to each other that it is hard to distinguish between them. Each of the houses present will make you feel like you’re visiting a city from the past. They look so antique and are indeed made of items that were available only in the history. One main highlight to be mentioned is the churches in Nevis. Each of them is present since 1600’s. There is not even a hint of old age in the church walls. Anyone visiting them will not believe the age of each of the churches.

nevis divingIf you’re a fan of fishing, then this place will attract you immensely. One can take catamaran’s trips and fish in the ocean. There are Hotels in the beach where you can cook the fished you caught and have a hearty meal. You will be amazed at the techniques they use to catch fishes. Though it may seem ancient, it has such a mesmerizing effect on the people who are watching the process.

This island should be definitely visited at least once to experience the calmness which the commercialized tourist place doesn’t offer. This is the best place to visit if you want to lose the world around you and fly solo in a world of calmness and authenticity.

Why you should get a second citizenship

Things are changing very fast around the world. The world is full of political conflicts and having a second option is always a lucrative alternative. Did you know that with a little investment in another country, you can get to be a citizen of that country in as little as 3 months? Well, this new form of citizenship by investment is happening around the world. A typical example would by the paradise island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

citizenship-st-kittsLocated in the Caribbean, this country allows foreigners and their families to inheret st kitts and nevis citizenship by investing in real estate or donating to the sugar industry diversification foundation (SIDF). This is a program that has been put in place to assist displaced and retired sugar workers. You can buy at least $400,000 in st kitts real estate on the islands or make a donation of at least $250,000. There are other countries such as Dominica where the basic investment price is $75,000 although its passport is not as valuable as that of St. Kitts and Nevis for international travel.

Let us take a look at a number of the benefits you enjoy when you have a second passport. In our particular case, we will be looking at St. Kitts and Nevis though other countries will be mentioned as well.

For starters, having a passport from this country gives you the freedom to travel visa free to more than 130 countries all over the world including the whole of Europe and Canada. This country also happens to have very lucrative tax allowances. For instance, there is no gift, inheritance or wealth tax. Foreign capital and capital gains are also not considered to be taxes and all the other tax terms in this country are very generous. You can also trade duty free in the Caribbean and tax free with Canada. With a passport from this nation, getting a visa elsewhere becomes much easier which is a great thing when you are looking to go globe-trotting.

You also don’t have to reside in this country unless you choose to. When you choose to stay here with your family, you get to enjoy a great lifestyle, a stable and safe environment as well as international education opportunities for your kids.

A second passport can actually save your life in some situations. For instance, you may be caught up in a violent situation in a foreign country and showing a passport from a neutral country will get you away scot free. In case you decide to renounce the citizenship of your first country for any number of reasons, you always have an option with your second passport.

As you have seen in the previous sections, there is a lot that you and your family stand to gain from by having a second citizenship. It can save your life, give you more internationalization options and keep you safe when you are caught up in a sticky situation. With some investment in the country you wish to be a citizen of, the process is much simpler and takes a very short time.

Rent a Vaction Home in Eleuthera Bahamas, For More Fun

A trip to the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas simply means going to a “home away from home”, for some people. For others however, it is the island’s pink sand and multicolored waters that provide the much needed peace and serenity, especially when on vacation. Eleuthera’s wide range of fascinating tourist attractions including its pink sandy beaches and the serene environment, provide the feeling of being in an amazing place, far away from the rest of the world.

Things to do in Eleuthera

There are numerous fun activities that visitors can engage in while in this island. As a matter of fact, a huge part of the adventure and fun of island travel is discovery and exploration, and there is no shortage of those in Eleuthera. Discover the Island and see how scenic and exciting freedom can be, by doing the following:


The island’s beautiful, calm blue waters provide the perfect setting for adults and children to enjoy their vacation. A swim at any time of the day, guarantees that you enjoy the warm bath-like temperatures of the water. It is also the ideal place for amateur swimmers to advance their swimming skills by being floating and swimming in the waters all day. Of course, you don’t have to worry about sharks in Eleuthera. There aren’t any here!

Enjoy frozen Margarita

Enjoy some frozen Margaritas with family or friends as you lounge in some of the islands best beaches. One of the greatest things about the island is the fact that visitors rarely travel back home without having enjoyed a cup of cool Margarita. The drink is not only sweet, but is also a perfect way to instill an unforgettable Eleuthera experience on your mind.

Visiting the Preachers Cave

Discovered by Captain William Sayles in the 1600s, the Preachers Cave is one of the best places to tour while in Eleuthera Island. Located a few miles from the island’s main airport, Preachers Cave is quite easy to access. The cave provides its visitors a chance to walk through history up until when the events of its discovery took place. It is considered by many, as a perfect spot for sharing some memorable romantic moments.

The number of activities that people can find fun in while in this island are endless. It all depends on individual interest and some other important factors such as finance. However, like with any other place on the face of earth, one can never find fun in Eleuthera if there’s no accommodation available.


It is hard to believe but the number of hotels, especially those directly on the water, is quite low. This being the case, the demand for accommodation for those hotels by visitors is very high, hence higher accommodation charges. This is amid poor services in some of those hotels, leaving the visitors to curse their experience.

Nonetheless, there are hundreds of vacation homes available on the beaches that are extremely ideal for visitors compared to hotels. The accommodation charges for such homes are relatively lower than those of hotels. In addition, you also get to enjoy maximum privacy, security and high level service. Their close proximity to the beaches gives you more time for more fun. As such, it is much better to rent Eleuthera villa rentals while on holiday in the island.

Off-Peak Caribbean Travel:

Summer Means Getting Away for Less

But who says it can’t be a great summer getaway as well?

The Caribbean offers a perfect summer escape for any vacationers, whether it’s the newlyweds honeymooning after their summer wedding, or families with young children taking advantage of the school break.

Big fun, small budget

When booking Caribbean hotel accommodations and travel plans, tourists are bound to save big when taking trips to the from June through August.

Travelers report saving an average of 20 to 50 percent off accommodations during peak travel times when shacking up for a summer stay in the Caribbean.

Try booking an unconventionally timed vacation (say, Wednesday to Tuesday), as mid-week travel is generally reduced.

Since most people travel on the weekends, keep an eye out for discounted room rates and airfare deals during the week, especially when taking an abbreviated Caribbean vacation or planning a short stay that could be planned for a mid-week timeframe.

The official hurricane season runs from June to November, but is most active from August to October.

While you can’t fully rely on mother nature to cooperate with your vacation plans, planning travel during the hurricane season in the Caribbean could actually be a money-saver.

Additionally, travelers might look into buying trip insurance to safeguard their Caribbean vacation from being a rain-soaked disaster.

The ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) are a good bet for excellent weather conditions no matter what time of year including the summertime, with the water temperature staying within one or two degrees of the winter thermometer readings.

With the threat of hurricane season and the local weather staying nice, would-be tourists tend to stay close to home in the summer creating the perfect Caribbean setting for families seeking a quiet, tropical respite or honeymooners looking for a secluded, romantic escape.

Dinner reservations aren’t needed, and spa appointments are similarly easy to come by.

The absence of throngs of tourists that swarm the Caribbean in the winter might indicate a dead atmosphere, but tourists can rest assured that the local culture is lively and buzzing with activity in the summer.

For example, Antigua’s popular summer festival, Carnival, takes place in late July and early August, offering tourists a unique experience that winter travelers miss out on.

Dominican Republic Resorts

Stay in the Lap of Lavishness Body:There’re no drubbing Dominican Republic resorts. These locations make an appeal of healing visitors like royalty, with extremely nutritious food, luxurious decor and every amenity visitors could desire. This Caribbean territory has the kinds of holiday resort to select from, but the finest are established in and around Punta Cana. To make a thoroughly decadent getaway, ascertain out any of the below resorts.


The PuntaCana Resort & Club lies on the east seaboard area of the Dominican Republic. The holiday resort covers over 14,000 acres, which encompass a spa, two golf courses, a marina, bistros, buying, and a nature reserve. To make the most opulent know-how likely, book a personal villa at Tortuga Bay.

These villas are nothing short of little paradises. In booking, it can select three-, four-, five-, or six-bedroom accommodations.

Punta Cana is dwelling to eight world-class bistros, and finding a remarkably well liked is an undertaking in itself. Visit to Chow down, by the sandy seashore or catch pizza at a delicious Italian restaurant. For those looking for a loving night, the holiday resort can organize a personal candlelit picnic by the water!


Paradise Palma Real is a palatial holiday resort on the Dominican Republic’s Playa de Bavaro. The holiday resort characteristics service and visitors are even granted a mobile telephone on which to call their individual concierge. The proximity of the moderately hot water makes Paradises, a particularly convenient alternative for lovers of cruising, diving, windsurfing, kayaking, and other water sports. It can furthermore relish the spa and casino that are located onsite.

If receive an all-inclusive package, you can have your repasts, beverages, and undertakings encompassed in your price. Dining choices vary from a prescribed Asian bistro to a beachfront grill. For nightlife, trial one of the resort’s nine bars. A stay at Paradise is certain to be everything tourists wish and more.

Tourists love what this Dominican Republic holiday resort has to offer. The sandy coastlines are unspoiled, and the waters are crystal clear. Stay in deluxe rooms and spend your day snorkeling, rebounding on the sea trampoline, or resting by the pool. It can furthermore organize journeys through the concierge by catamaran to smashing close by islands.

When the sun proceeds down the party begins. Dine in one of the resort’s six bistros, which focus in Italian, Asian, French and Mediterranean food. After, finish evening food, visit the resort’s promenade association or trial your luck at one of the onsite casino tables. The holiday resort, furthermore, displays videos on the beach! Sit under the stars and relish some classic movies, while soaking up the moderately hot saline air.

Whichever of these holiday’s resorts to choose for a Dominican Republic holiday, Visitors assure a truly unbelievable time. From water sports to luxury dining to resting on the sandy seashore, it is certain to find a way to make every minute priceless.

Caribbean Vacation Travel Cruise

A Caribbean travel vacation cruise has much to offer to sophisticated travelers who recognize the great value in traveling to the islands. If you want a vacation that is rich with culture galore, quaint architecture, seas to explore, fantastic swimming and snorkeling, then the Caribbean has it and more.

Here, you will find some great Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers that are guaranteed to give you the best value in cruise traveling.

A Seven-Night Dream

Dreams become reality when you find yourself floating through warm, welcoming waters of the Caribbean on one of several Caribbean vacation travel cruise ships. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf of a picture-perfect island during brief land excursions in any one of your ports of call and spend the day indulging in duty-free shopping, diving in clear blue waters, or exploring Mayan ruins.


With the coming of the cold months, the Royal Caribbean, one of the leading cruise lines on the islands, is offering many fantastic Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers to its visitors who opt to book early. One of these is the seven-night dream Caribbean vacation travel beginning at $478 per person, the cruise and featuring fabulous inside cabins where you can get excellent views of the dazzling ocean.

The Mariner of the Seas, which departs from Port Canaveral, Florida and takes you to four different ports of call where you can go on brief land excursions – Labadee, Hispaniola; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico – before you cruise back to Port Canaveral in Florida.

The Voyager of the Seas lets you start your Caribbean vacation travel cruise fun in Miami, Florida, and making brief stops in Hispaniola, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. The ship offers you four kinds of room accommodations, ranging from $549 to $2,049.00.

Other midsize ships mean a more spacious and comfortable Caribbean vacation travel cruise, with all the service and amenities you’d expect, but no waiting in long lines for meals or port of calls.

Three-Night Enchantment or Four-Night Excitement

Few places on earth are more conducive to relaxation than the islands of the Caribbean. Perhaps, it’s the light, tropical breezes that gently soothe the soul. Or the warm waters and warm receptions tat await you on every shore. One thing is certain: aboard a Celebrity Caribbean vacation travel cruise, a Caribbean vacation offers something for everyone.


But if you want your Caribbean vacation travel cruise to be brief but enchanting, the Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers several short cruises for your pleasure. You’ll find short Caribbean vacation travel cruises, just three nights long, out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for as little as $289 per person.

Or consider a bit longer, western Caribbean vacation travel cruise, four nights starting at $349, on the Enchantment of the Seas. Take a four-night Western Caribbean vacation travel cruise aboard the Century for only $330, starting from Miami, Florida. The cruise provides you with all the amenities you could ever wish from, from shipboard accommodations to ocean transportation, meals, beverages, and entertainment aboard the vessel.

Our Travel to North Canada

One of the best times we have visited Canada was in the month of January. It is an adventure worth coming to.

Last January we flew to the Yukon territory to watch the annual dog sled races. It was the highlight of all our travels over any place we have ever been to. The races were so amazing and exciting to see. The people in the city of Whitehorse were very welcoming to us and let us stay in a nice camp site. At night we watched the northern lights hover over our heads at all hours of the night. The air was always crisp and fresh.


It was so nice to be a very sparsely populated area away from all the big cities. Here is seemed that people respect one another more and are more given. People often would invite us into their homes for a meal even though they never met us. The scenery in the Yukon was so amazing at all times. We were kept busy on the weekends, ice fishing in the nearby lakes with all the locals. Something we could never ever dream of doing living in Mexico .

It was a highlight of our trip to finally learn how to eat polar bear. Probably the most tasty meat one could ever try in their life time.

I have done many trips in this amazing country, and we will say January is by far the best time of year to see the country. A different dynamic and new atmosphere awaits anyone who tries. Just bring a nice coat and good boots with you as this is going to be a wild adventure. I insist that you must go to the most snowy parts of the region as well.

Nothing compares traveling during nontraditional times in Canada.

Brilliant Facts about Greece

Greece is widely known as one of the most significant civilizations in the world and the birthplace, amongst others, of philosophy, mathematics, democracy, drama, literature and, of course, the Olympics. Ancient Greece, according to people (and not only Greeks, of course) is actually considered to be the beacon of modern Western civilization.

All the above are widely known and characterize Greece’s history and course through the centuries but, how about nowadays? Are there any contemporaneous facts characterizing modern Greece that Greeks should be proud of and the rest of the world should value and envy? You would be surprised to know that there is a series of brilliant facts characterizing modern Greece and its people. Below you could see ten (10) of them:

  1. Greece has one of longest coastlines in the world (about 13,600 kilometers long). Greece is famous for its clean blue seas and a temperate climate. There are some top island destinations in Greece such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Corfu, which are ideal for summer vacations.
  2. Greece, despite negative predictions, is still a member of the European Monetary Union with Euro as its currency. By the end of 2009, the Greek economy faced a severe crisis having a deficit of 12.7% of gross domestic product (GDP). Nowadays, Greece seems to recover and its economy is gaining the lost field.

  3. Greece’s maritime industry has been vital to its development. The Greek merchant navy is the largest in the world.

  4. Greek cuisine is becoming famous. Mediterranean diet, which is epitomized by dishes of Crete gains more and more supporters among people looking for a healthy living.

  5. In 2013 Save the Children report, Greece was ranked amongst the 20 best countries (out of 176 countries surveyed) for the state of mothers and newborn babies.

  6. Greece is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2005. As member of the ESA, Greece provides technical know-how in the agency’s telecommunication and technology activities, and the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Initiative.

  7. Greek people have one of the lowest death rates for cancer in Europe. In combination with number 6 above, doesn’t it sound tempting to live in Greece?

  8. Although Greece is usually promoted as an ideal summer tourism destination, you would be surprised to know that it’s also a decent winter destination. Apart from the 3000 islands, 80% of Greece is mountainous and 50% is covered by forests; there are 21 snow centers across the country and, of course, a series of all time museums and monuments.

  9. Greece is a country that has retained most of its fascinating traditions but also incorporated them in the modern world making the country an incredible place to visit and live. Greece has a lot of ‘common’ tourist attractions but also has a bunch of secret corners waiting to be explored. If people don’t just look for some all –inclusive resort but for some field action as well, they will be surprised at the overall mix of different beauties offered.

  10. Greek people may seem loud, festive and over expressive; however, they are the most welcoming and friendly people at least in Europe. 

Overall, Greece is a lovely place to visit and live; if the above brilliant facts don’t convince you, visit and see by yourselves!