Our Travel to North Canada

One of the best times we have visited Canada was in the month of January. It is an adventure worth coming to.

Last January we flew to the Yukon territory to watch the annual dog sled races. It was the highlight of all our travels over any place we have ever been to. The races were so amazing and exciting to see. The people in the city of Whitehorse were very welcoming to us and let us stay in a nice camp site. At night we watched the northern lights hover over our heads at all hours of the night. The air was always crisp and fresh.


It was so nice to be a very sparsely populated area away from all the big cities. Here is seemed that people respect one another more and are more given. People often would invite us into their homes for a meal even though they never met us. The scenery in the Yukon was so amazing at all times. We were kept busy on the weekends, ice fishing in the nearby lakes with all the locals. Something we could never ever dream of doing living in Mexico .

It was a highlight of our trip to finally learn how to eat polar bear. Probably the most tasty meat one could ever try in their life time.

I have done many trips in this amazing country, and we will say January is by far the best time of year to see the country. A different dynamic and new atmosphere awaits anyone who tries. Just bring a nice coat and good boots with you as this is going to be a wild adventure. I insist that you must go to the most snowy parts of the region as well.

Nothing compares traveling during nontraditional times in Canada.