Rent a Vaction Home in Eleuthera Bahamas, For More Fun

A trip to the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas simply means going to a “home away from home”, for some people. For others however, it is the island’s pink sand and multicolored waters that provide the much needed peace and serenity, especially when on vacation. Eleuthera’s wide range of fascinating tourist attractions including its pink sandy beaches and the serene environment, provide the feeling of being in an amazing place, far away from the rest of the world.

Things to do in Eleuthera

There are numerous fun activities that visitors can engage in while in this island. As a matter of fact, a huge part of the adventure and fun of island travel is discovery and exploration, and there is no shortage of those in Eleuthera. Discover the Island and see how scenic and exciting freedom can be, by doing the following:


The island’s beautiful, calm blue waters provide the perfect setting for adults and children to enjoy their vacation. A swim at any time of the day, guarantees that you enjoy the warm bath-like temperatures of the water. It is also the ideal place for amateur swimmers to advance their swimming skills by being floating and swimming in the waters all day. Of course, you don’t have to worry about sharks in Eleuthera. There aren’t any here!

Enjoy frozen Margarita

Enjoy some frozen Margaritas with family or friends as you lounge in some of the islands best beaches. One of the greatest things about the island is the fact that visitors rarely travel back home without having enjoyed a cup of cool Margarita. The drink is not only sweet, but is also a perfect way to instill an unforgettable Eleuthera experience on your mind.

Visiting the Preachers Cave

Discovered by Captain William Sayles in the 1600s, the Preachers Cave is one of the best places to tour while in Eleuthera Island. Located a few miles from the island’s main airport, Preachers Cave is quite easy to access. The cave provides its visitors a chance to walk through history up until when the events of its discovery took place. It is considered by many, as a perfect spot for sharing some memorable romantic moments.

The number of activities that people can find fun in while in this island are endless. It all depends on individual interest and some other important factors such as finance. However, like with any other place on the face of earth, one can never find fun in Eleuthera if there’s no accommodation available.


It is hard to believe but the number of hotels, especially those directly on the water, is quite low. This being the case, the demand for accommodation for those hotels by visitors is very high, hence higher accommodation charges. This is amid poor services in some of those hotels, leaving the visitors to curse their experience.

Nonetheless, there are hundreds of vacation homes available on the beaches that are extremely ideal for visitors compared to hotels. The accommodation charges for such homes are relatively lower than those of hotels. In addition, you also get to enjoy maximum privacy, security and high level service. Their close proximity to the beaches gives you more time for more fun. As such, it is much better to rent Eleuthera villa rentals while on holiday in the island.

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