Exploring Nevis, a bliss to the visitors


Before we start exploring Nevis, let us understand where it is situated. St. Kitts and Nevis are two islands which belong to the leeward islands of West Indies. Nevis has a population of about 10000 civilians, but people other counties migrate here to work in the agriculture fields or be a part of the tourism industry. Nevis is only around 36 sq miles but it will take you more than a day to travel and see the structures and places around.

Charlestown, the capital of Nevis is famous in particular for its tourist visit. It is the most charming city amongst all cities belonging to the Caribbean islands. Charlestown is a city where one can feel the calm air and feel the traditional life of the Caribbean’s.

This island has a lot of greenery which mainly attracts hikers and a wide spanning beach which brings swimmers from all over the world to experience the Caribbean waters. There are few places for accommodation. Each of the hotels there provides an authentic Caribbean feel. They have elegantly decorated cottages which offer the visitor the comfort and privacy. Few places provide outdoor terrace where one can stand and enjoy the view of the beach, eat their food or just have a pleasant drink.

There are about 5 parishes on the island of Nevis, but they are so close to each other that it is hard to distinguish between them. Each of the houses present will make you feel like you’re visiting a city from the past. They look so antique and are indeed made of items that were available only in the history. One main highlight to be mentioned is the churches in Nevis. Each of them is present since 1600’s. There is not even a hint of old age in the church walls. Anyone visiting them will not believe the age of each of the churches.

nevis divingIf you’re a fan of fishing, then this place will attract you immensely. One can take catamaran’s trips and fish in the ocean. There are Hotels in the beach where you can cook the fished you caught and have a hearty meal. You will be amazed at the techniques they use to catch fishes. Though it may seem ancient, it has such a mesmerizing effect on the people who are watching the process.

This island should be definitely visited at least once to experience the calmness which the commercialized tourist place doesn’t offer. This is the best place to visit if you want to lose the world around you and fly solo in a world of calmness and authenticity.