Visiting the Island of Nevis

nevis-pic-4One of the attractive islands in the West Indies that appeal to visitors is the island of Nevis. Nevis may be one of the lesser known of the Caribbean islands but it has a great deal going for it and is the island that people should put on their list when they have time to visit.

One of the great things about Nevis is that it makes a perfect winter escape for those those who are looking to get out of the wind and the cold. Some of the notable attributes of Nevis are that it is an island that is off the beaten path. It features beautiful scenery and is a small and quaint place in which to visit. Nevis is easily accessible from airports in the United States. It features the tranquility of a Caribbean island and is the epitome of a tranquil setting.

Nevis is 36 square miles and is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Individuals can become involved in windsurfing, diving,snorkeling and exotic adventures that only a secluded Caribbean island can provide. Peace and solitude are yours on Nevis as it is far away from the hustle and bustle of other Caribbean islands. Beaches abound on the lovely Caribbean island and visitors are also treated to Botanical Gardens and the Eden Brown Estate as well as other historical venues.  Visitors to the island can also view the long dormant volcano and can participate in dives to view native corals and brightly hued fish.

US citizens must have a valid passport to visit the island but US bills are accepted by most establishments on the island, and English is the native language.

View the beautiful mountain terrain from the island or go on hikes and tour amongst the native species. All can be yours when you choose to tour Nevis. Nevis is also an easy island to walk around and visitors can go to the Caribbean markets on the island sample island cuisine and can walk to some of the gorgeous beaches.

Nevis is also home to history as there are some 5 historical plantations that visitors can see when touring the island. They can opt to see the history of the sugar cane trade in all of its grandeur. The majesty of yesteryear is on display when you opt to view history nestled into the hillsides.

nevis-photo-2Naturally being a Caribbean island the weather is warm with an average yearly temperature of around 80 degrees. To say that Nevis is a magical adventure would not be overstating the case. Make sure to take advantage of all this beautiful island paradise has to offer you. Be sure to book a nevis car rental, which is needed if you would be exploring the island.

You can find any accommodations you like in Nevis whether 5 star accommodations, villas or simple guest houses. Find gorgeous accommodations when you choose to visit Nevis. Nevis has everything for the visitor from those who have sophisticated palates offered in 5 star restaurants, to those who wish to taste and partake of native cuisine. Get an easy flight to Nevis and enjoy a Caribbean paradise the Nevis way.

Enjoy art galleries, get married, explore the island by excellent taxi service or on foot. Nevis is one tropical paradise to visit. Visit for more information.