Why you should rent a villa on the Caribbean island of Nevis

Villas are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to staying in hotels on vacations.  In case you are planning a trip to Nevis, renting a villa will be your best choice.  Unlike hotels, the villas will give you room to spread out as well as the freedom to do your own things. The overall cost of staying in a luxury villa will actually be less compared to what you will spend on a luxury hotel. On top of that, there are certain advantages that you will have while staying in the rental villa that even luxury hotels do not provide.

One of the things you will like about staying in Nevis villa rentals is the privacy they will offer you. Typically, the villas are built like private homes whereby neighbors are not close to you like it is in the case of a hotel room. Your beachfront, pool, dock and other amenities are not shared. If you have a car, your parking spot will be right there. You will also like the quietness of the villas because they are usually situated in calm parts of town away from the main streets that do not have street noise or hotels.

Nevis Villa RentalsYou will just fall in love with the design of the Nevis villa rentals. They are usually impressive properties such as as châteaux, castles, penthouses, modern beach houses and ski chalets. They are comfortable homes that have been equipped with a hot tub, kitchen, pool, deck, laundry room among other amenities. They are also spacious. In fact, they are generally bigger compared to the big hotel suites you have ever come across.

Renting a villa in Nevis will also be a perfect idea if you are on vacation as a family. Since the villas have been equipped with multiple rooms as well as bathrooms, they will provide a better family experience compared to hotel rooms. If you are going to stay for a week or several weeks, luxury villa rates are going to be fare compared to staying in a hotel. And since they are equipped with a kitchen, and there are times when you may have a chef serving you, the restaurant expenses will be highly moderated. If you like carrying pets on your trips, you will find the villas to be quite pet-friendly just as it is in private homes.

Even though the villas do not come with continental breakfasts, concierges and daily maid service, most of them usually have contact information as well as local resources just in case any issue arises when you are staying there. To be able to choose the best Nevis villa rentals, the first thing you will need to do is to identify the kind of renter you are. You can either choose to work with an agent or deal directly with the owner. Dealing with an agent can cost you more compared to dealing directly with an owner.

Location is key when choosing a perfect villa to stay in. You will need to find out if the villa is close to the road. That way, you can easily have relaxed day trips around Nevis since it will be easy to access thoroughfares that serve a greater part of this region. Also find out if there is a food market, a coffee bar, a pharmacy or a gas station nearby. Even though being secluded from such places may be great when it comes to privacy, too much seclusion may be quite a hassle.

But you also need to enjoy the flexibility of choosing the location you want to stay depending on your preference. While some people may like to stay closer to happening areas or tourist attractions, there are others who will enjoy themselves more when they are far away from the hustle and bustle of such places. When you do your homework right, you will definitely enjoy staying in the lovely luxury villas that Nevis offers. You can check out guest reviews for the villas that you would would prefer staying in. You can also ask for references from the agent you are working with and follow up with the people who have stayed there to address any red flags, just in case they are there.

On  my last visit to the island I got a chance to tour some of these lovely luxury villas.  I happened to meet someone who was the owner of a real estate company in Nevis.  After a lengthy conversation he offered to show me around some villas that he currently had available for rental.  I was told that luxury villas made up much of the Nevis real estate market so it wasn’t a surprise to find such a large variety of properties to choose from. After touring these villas I was totally convinced that renting one of these properties for my next visit was the way to go!  That decision was reinforced when I was also told that daily maid service was including with some properties.  What more can you ask for?