James White had a dream. In the middle of a cold London winter he was harassed by relatives and peers to become a 9-5 employee and to give most of his earnings and free time to the local church. His dream was to be really far away in the Caribbean under beautiful sunsets and interesting people. He made up his mind to become a traveler and step by step he achieved his new reality. He now travels around the world and is especially fond of piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain.

He blogs about the different and enriching perspectives he has found in his travels.
White sands can change anybody’s perspectives easily, and some of his favorites spots in the Caribbean are:

– St. Kitts and Nevis
– Cayman Islands
– Barbados
– St. Martin
– U.S. and British Virgin Islands
– Bahamas
– Aruba
– Bermuda
– Puerto Rico
– Jamaica
– Santo Domingo

He still needs to visit many places in the Caribbean; the more he travels, the more he wants to travel. He found his answers in sharing his experiences with the world, living simply and leveraging the internet. His passion is felt by all who read his travel articles and he feels he might bring a light to those who are seeking for something different.

Sitting under a beautiful sunset and writing an article in his smartphone he thinks about all the people who truly believe they can’t be there with him because they have the opinion they have to be multimillionaires to enjoy the experience, which is not true. He lives happily with a small budget and as a matter of fact he spends way less than his normal living costs in his beloved London. What makes him different? The fact that he knows, because of his experience how to travel around the world, especially in the Caribbean; have a productive life and give back to the world without a huge monetary investment. He believes that if he can do it, anybody with a burning desire can do so.

But although encouragement is important, he provides specific how-to for moving around in the most hassle-free manner along with tips, guides and everything a fellow traveler may need, especially in the Caribbean. When he visits his hometown he still hangs around with his family and peers but he does it with a different mindset with which he appreciates them even more and as a matter of fact, many of them are following his footsteps. This fills him with joy since he knows the world is a great and big place and contrary to popular belief, some of the best things in life are really cheap.