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Why you should rent a villa on the Caribbean island of Nevis

Villas are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to staying in hotels on vacations.  In case you are planning a trip to Nevis, renting a villa will be your best choice.  Unlike hotels, the villas will give you room to spread out as well as the freedom to do your own things. The overall cost of

Visiting the Island of Nevis

One of the attractive islands in the West Indies that appeal to visitors is the island of Nevis. Nevis may be one of the lesser known of the Caribbean islands but it has a great deal going for it and is the island that people should put on their list when they have time to

Exploring Nevis, a bliss to the visitors

Before we start exploring Nevis, let us understand where it is situated. St. Kitts and Nevis are two islands which belong to the leeward islands of West Indies. Nevis has a population of about 10000 civilians, but people other counties migrate here to work in the agriculture fields or be a part of the tourism

Why you should get a second citizenship

Things are changing very fast around the world. The world is full of political conflicts and having a second option is always a lucrative alternative. Did you know that with a little investment in another country, you can get to be a citizen of that country in as little as 3 months? Well, this new

Rent a Vaction Home in Eleuthera Bahamas, For More Fun

A trip to the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas simply means going to a “home away from home”, for some people. For others however, it is the island’s pink sand and multicolored waters that provide the much needed peace and serenity, especially when on vacation. Eleuthera’s wide range of fascinating tourist attractions including its pink

Off-Peak Caribbean Travel:

Summer Means Getting Away for Less But who says it can’t be a great summer getaway as well? The Caribbean offers a perfect summer escape for any vacationers, whether it’s the newlyweds honeymooning after their summer wedding, or families with young children taking advantage of the school break. Big fun, small budget When booking Caribbean

Dominican Republic Resorts

Stay in the Lap of Lavishness Body:There’re no drubbing Dominican Republic resorts. These locations make an appeal of healing visitors like royalty, with extremely nutritious food, luxurious decor and every amenity visitors could desire. This Caribbean territory has the kinds of holiday resort to select from, but the finest are established in and around Punta

Caribbean Vacation Travel Cruise

A Caribbean travel vacation cruise has much to offer to sophisticated travelers who recognize the great value in traveling to the islands. If you want a vacation that is rich with culture galore, quaint architecture, seas to explore, fantastic swimming and snorkeling, then the Caribbean has it and more. Here, you will find some great

Our Travel to North Canada

One of the best times we have visited Canada was in the month of January. It is an adventure worth coming to. Last January we flew to the Yukon territory to watch the annual dog sled races. It was the highlight of all our travels over any place we have ever been to. The races

Brilliant Facts about Greece

Greece is widely known as one of the most significant civilizations in the world and the birthplace, amongst others, of philosophy, mathematics, democracy, drama, literature and, of course, the Olympics. Ancient Greece, according to people (and not only Greeks, of course) is actually considered to be the beacon of modern Western civilization. All the above